The Freelancer Freedom Blueprint - Live Online Event Upgrade

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The Freelancer Freedom Blueprint is a cutting-edge, end to end playbook designed to take your freelancing dream to the next level. The Live Online Event upgrade gives you access to the next live session of the program and go through the experience first hand. You can ask questions, interact with like-minded people, and more.

Included in this special offer you get:

  • Deep insights into the Core 3 pillars of a successful freelancing model and guidance on how to apply them so you can avoid the mistakes that the majority of unsuccessful freelancers make
  • Actionable points and examples on how to apply the 9 easy steps to penetrate freelancing portals and get more jobs than your competition
  • The best tools to get clarity on yourself, your client, and your competition followed by the best ways to CLICK with clients
  • Proven frameworks to help you discover what niche is right for you (instead of guessing) and then show you how to dominate it consistently
  • The way to skyrocket your freelancing using world-class business secrets that I have learned at the best Business School in the world
  • PLUS All the crazy bonuses!