1 to 1 Coaching for Freelancers via Zoom


What if you could have the business you love, on your terms, through freelancing?

I coach talented individuals to take the first steps towards becoming their own boss through freelancing, do meaningful work from home or anywhere in the world, on their own terms, and in a way that diversifies their income and brings them closer to financial freedom.

One of the most important things I do for people I work with is to help them break out of the dependency they have on their jobs which many describe as being trapped like a cog in a wheel.

The reason why I say this is because right now for most people, its the employer who makes all the decisions, how much they work, where they work from, what kind of work they do and how much they get paid. And because they sometimes don't have betters options they have to follow.

What this means to you is that you will be empowered to choose a work style that fits you instead of having the employer force it on you. You get to work when you want, from where you want, and on the projects that matter to you.

And what this really means is that you get to be in the driving seat of your work and business life with total control, total freedom, basically your own boss.

As someone who worked from home for the last 8 years, who owned and ran multiple businesses, who coached over 100 freelancers to build one or more income streams, I am committed to helping you as well.

Specifically, I can help you with any of the items below depending on your situation and within the available booked time.

  • Identify your dream job so that you have a reason to wake up excited every morning
  • Pick a profitable niche & the best services you can offer
  • Assess your market and competition
  • Identify the right platform
  • Create a profile that stands out
  • Market yourself in a compelling way
  • Find the best jobs to apply to
  • Win clients consistently
  • Deliver like a star player
  • Create a wealth plan so you can afford your dream life

Find out more about me on my YouTube channel: SuperHumans.Life where I have many free videos on freelancing and work from home jobs.