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Start your freelancing business today & work on your terms from anywhere


What I do and what does this mean to you?

Depending entirely on your salary for your financial stability is a very risky place to be in these days. So starting a freelancing business on the side in 2022 might just be the smartest decision you have made so far.

Unfortunately, many people are stuck in a job that makes them feel drained without a compelling future, with little or no power to decide, mostly dependent on their employer for their income and fulfillment. Or even worse, many are stuck without a job at all.

I coach talented professionals to take their first steps towards becoming their own boss through a freelance business and expand their income by doing meaningful work, on their own terms.

And I help them do it on the side without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Many actually decide to keep their 9-5 job until they see that this works for them.

We dig deep to identify your best talents, choose the most profitable ones and then create a personalized system to monetize these skills.

When people realize that this really works and have confidence that freelancing is for them, they usually have an Aha moment, and their life changes for the better. They get back their power to work on what really matters to them and say 'no' to what they simply do not want to do. They get to choose when they work and who they work for.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Define what working on their terms means to you in your unique circumstances
  • Create a personalized setup to smoothly integrate a freelancing business into your life
  • Identify your dream job & the best services to offer that give you a reason to wake up energized in the morning and make you the most money
  • Market yourself - Position as an expert and stand out from the crowd
  • Determine your value and price your services for their true worth
  • Win clients consistently to generate a stable income
  • Deliver like a star player and make an impact for your clients
  • Scale to reach financial independence and get total control over your life and time

Who is this for?

This is for your if you:

  • want to get a profitable portfolio of clients that are yours and yours alone
  • are looking to get an almost unfair advantage and never want to worry about not getting jobs or making money ever again
  • have little or no experience with freelancing and don't know where to start
  • have freelancing experience but don't know (yet) how to take things to the next level (e.g. breaking through the plateau phase)
  • want to build the confidence to pursue the work that is meaningful to you
  • get only a few answers to their freelancing proposals and want to understand why
  • are committed to putting in the work required to reach your dreams

And the great part is that it works for all types of services. This includes:

  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Software developer
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Copywriting
  • Any many, many more...

It works particularly well if you are offering services on UpWork,, Fiverr, or other similar platforms. This is because you will NOT be getting some basic tricks that work for selected individuals. No, what you're getting is something radically different, something that truly empowers you to monetize your talents. 

Only a Few Spots Available. If This Page Is Active It Means Spots Have Opened Up For A Limited Time!


Attending this program might give you key insights like:

Understanding the Core 3 pillars of a successful freelancing business so you can AVOID THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES that lead to failure

Discovering WHAT NICHE IS RIGHT FOR YOU based on proven frameworks instead of guesswork and how you can dominate it consistently

Mastering the 9 easy steps to required to differentiate and MAKE MORE MONEY than your competition

Skyrocketing your FREELANCE BUSINESS GROWTH through world-class business secrets that I have learned at the best Business School in the world

Here's what you get...

Access to weekly Mastermind sessions over the course of 8 weeks

These are 60-minutes+ of value-packed, no BS training where I walk you step by step through what you need to know at every point along the way. You will get crystal clear on what your niche is depending on your skills and passions, learn exactly how to get started, and grow this into a sustainable income stream that can make you financially free.

Just value-based actionable content, techniques and tools

You get access to 54 videos in which I will teach you the EXACT TOOLS, TECHNIQUES AND CONCEPTS that allow my clients to get results consistently.

Templates, Databases, Examples

I will give you access to my own templates, databases and examples so you can follow along easily, learn from practical references, and then always have them available to consult at any step of your journey.

Here's how it works...


Get in Touch

If you are already convinced feel free to sign up and we will get started right away.
Or if you want to find out more we can have a free 1h coaching call to go over where you are and where you would like to be, you can ask questions and find out if we are a good fit. This call and it will be filled with practical advice on how you can take your freelancing business to the next level. Please note that due to time constraints I can only schedule limited number of such calls.

Join the tribe

If we decide we are a good fit, I would be thrilled to welcome you into our community, kick things off and create the financal freedom and fulfilment you are seeking.

Learn how to create your freelance business and work on your own terms

We will take you through a step by step blueprint and guide you along the way to win your first clients and get started on this journey without the pain of trial and error.

Here's what (a few) of my students say about me:

I would highly recommend this program! Even though I've been freelancing for over 6 years, I learned some things that wouldn't have even crossed my mind. I was under the impression I had a great profile and that my cover letter templates were flawless, but you proved me wrong in the nicest possible ways. The resources are really valuable and the steps are great (but you do need to put in the work yourself or it won't work!)

MagdaVirtual Assistant Freelancer

I liked the format. I think it's easy to implement something that's broken down into bite-sized pieces. The language is easy to follow but not over simplified and the examples were very useful.

Mike P.Technology Consultant

This awesome approach helped me become my best friend. With Laura’s help I was able to uncover things about myself and make my way more and more clear step by step.

Oana BFinancial Advisor

I have established my personal brand, identified and networked with important contacts as well as enhanced the skillset required to achieve my career goals. I started to believe more in my prospects and competences especially when I faced challenges.

Eva A.Technology Specialist

Your support came at the right time. Having you to exchange and giving me some exercises were quite helpful and useful, as it has helped me think thoroughly and open my mind to other stuff I could do as a main activity or for extra money; which helps especially in this current environment where uncertainty is prevailing.

Massiata BMarketing Specialist

After following your advice and making those small changes, I got 5 new jobs in less than 48h. Some of them I had to turn down as I wouldn’t have been able to manage the workload.

Puiu S.Videographer

A personal note

This Program is hosted by Laura, a freelancer and entrepreneur for more than 6 years and who also runs the SuperHumans.Life YouTube channel where she teaches thousands of people about freelancing, business and working from home.

Laura is a business strategist, with an MBA from INSEAD Business School. She has worked for Fortune 100 Companies and has NEVER applied to a job that she didn't get. That or something better.

She has been a career mentor for the past 12 years and has been able to guide her mentees to reach their dreams.

Laura worked as an advisor to Governments and Ministries of Education in 30+ European countries on topics like the future of work, the future of education, and digital nomads.

In the last 2 years, Laura decided to merge her career coaching expertise and business knowledge and began working with individuals who were looking at freelancing and business as a way to work on their terms, find meaning, and have financial freedom.


Take the first step of the journey


You really cannot imagine how happy you made me. I was really feeling alone because I don't have the right person to guide me on right way, but I think you are my real super hero. I really appreciate you guiding me through this. thank you soo much my super hero.

Ayaz KFreelancer

Here's how I can help you

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