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The Freelancer Freedom Blueprint

Make money on your terms, doing what you love without dabbling, guesswork or taking unnecesary risks




Depending entirely on a single source of income (a salary, a client etc) for your financial stability is a risky place to be in these days.

So starting to also monetize your skills through remote jobs, freelancing and then being able to safely scaling into a business after you have your first results, might just be one of the smartest decisions you've made this year.

Listen, your job is not your career, even if society tells you so. Your career is shaped by your ability to always be in demand for your talents and create multiple incomes streams through them. You then find meaning, by using these talents to add value to others.

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Who is this for?

During the last couple of years, I have talked to so many people who experienced challenges in their freelancing, career or business journey. Some of what they told me is below. Does any of it sound familiar at all?

I want to start a business doing what I love, but I have expenses and family responsibilities

I have little or no experience with freelancing, remote work or business and don't know where to start

I have some experience but don't make enough money to live the life I want or travel the world

I want to work for myself and get a profitable portfolio of clients that are mine alone

I am tired of having little to no freedom to do the things I really want to do

I want to do work that is meaningful to me and I am committed to putting in the effort needed to reach my dreams

I don't want to worry about not getting jobs or making money ever again


I would highly recommend this program! Even though I've been freelancing for over 6 years, I learned some things that wouldn't have even crossed my mind. I was under the impression I had a great profile and that my cover letter templates were flawless, but you proved me wrong in the nicest possible ways. The resources are really valuable and the steps are great (but you do need to put in the work yourself or it won't work!)
Magda O
Virtual Assistant Freelancer
I liked the format. I think it's easy to implement something that's broken down into byte-sized pieces. The language is easy to follow but not over simplified and the examples were very useful.
Mike P
Technology Consultant
This awesome approach helped me become my best friend. I learned to overcome my fears and got the confidence I needed. With Laura’s help I was able to uncover things about myself and make my way more and more clear step by step.
Oana B
Financial Advisor

Where do other solutions fall short?​

In my experience there are a few huge missing pieces in more or less any other solution you will find in the market (including when you try things out by yourself):

  1. They don't properly help you identify your talents to enable you to choose the job or service or business that is right for you
  2. They don't properly show you how to use these talents to stack the cards in their favor
  3. They don't check if the work you do is aligned with your purpose and if it will still energize you after 1 year instead of draining you
  4. They don't properly help you put in place the mindset and the systems to make your dream real

Instead, most solutions out there teach you to jump on the next hot trend. As a result, many times you waste time working on things that you should not be doing in the first place if you were true to yourself.

And yes, you may make some money off of these new trends, but many quit after a while because it is just not for them because they realize 1 year in that they don't really like what you are doing. Or you end up going into a highly competitive niche and can barely make money by charging low rates.

I cover EVERYTHING you need to know to figure out what kind of job or business is right for you, and I show you exactly how to get started.

My promise to you and why it's unique


Laura, Business Strategist

I coach talented professionals to take their first steps towards taking back their power and becoming their own boss through remote work, freelancing or a business. I help people expand their income by doing meaningful work, on their own terms, not just make money for the sake of money.

And I help them do it on the side without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Many actually have 9-5 jobs and decide to keep them until they see that this really works.

We dig deep to identify your best talents, choose the most profitable ones and then create a personalized system to monetize these skills.

When people realize that this really works and have confidence that freelancing is for them, they usually have an Aha moment, and their life changes for the better. They get back their power to work on what really matters to them and say 'no' to what they simply do not want to do. They get to choose when they work and who they work for.

Laura is a business strategist, with an MBA from INSEAD Business School. She has been a career mentor for the past 12 years and has been able to guide her mentees to reach their dreams. She has worked both for Fortune 100 Companies and as a freelancer. In the last 2 years, she decided to merge her career coaching expertise and business knowledge and began working with individuals who were looking at freelancing and business as a way to work on their terms, find meaning, and have financial freedom.

Here's what you will learn...

Turn Your Fear into Confidence

By working on your mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs and embodying your success identity

Identify Your Dream Job, Career or Business

And the best services to offer that both make you the most money and give you a reason to wake up energized in the morning

Market Yourself

Position as an expert and stand out from the crowd as the person that will make a real impact for your client

Win Client Consistently

And turn them into recurring revenues so that you generate a stable income

Deliver like a Star Player

And make the impact needed into for your clients that compels them to come back for more

Scale into a Business

To reach the financial independence and get total control over your life and time

For example here is a sneak peek

Works for all types of services
Web Design
Social Media Marketing
Software Development
Video Editing
... and many many more.

What is included?

All you need to get started today and get an almost unfair advantage over your competition

Actionable content

I will teach you the secrets that help some freelancers land more jobs faster than others and many times more than they can handle. You get access to 54 videos in which I will teach you the tools, techniques and concepts that allow my clients to get results consistently. And all of this in byte-sized actionable steps.

Templates & Databases

I will give you access to my own templates, databases and examples so you can follow along easily, learn from practical references, and then always have them available to consult at any step of your journey.

Here's what others have to say

Your support came at the right time. Having you to exchange and giving me some exercises were quite helpful and useful, as it has helped me think thoroughly and open my mind to other stuff I could do as a main activity or for extra money; which helps especially in this current environment where uncertainty is prevailing.
Massiata B
Marketing Specialist
The most important one is that it helped me look inside and rethink what motivates me & where I want to go. I finished the course a few months ago and I am still thinking about the direction and working on my short-term development plan
Alex Z
Business Consultant
I would definitely recommend the this to anyone who's feeling stuck in their life or if they're having the feeling that they are not living up to their full potential. Releasing and accepting the fact that I don't want to work for anyone was my biggest personal breakthrough. This makes me smile,excited and it gives me butterflies when thinking about my future.
Liene U
Freelancer & Entrepreneur
After following your advice and making those small changes, I got 5 new jobs in less than 48h. Some of them I had to turn down as I wouldn’t have been able to manage the workload.
Puiu S
Video Editor
I have established my personal brand, identified and networked with important contacts as well as enhanced the skillset required to achieve my career goals. I started to believe more in my prospects and competences especially when I faced challenges.
Eva A
Technology Specialist
My biggest breakthrough was learning that the path I started on wasn't really right for me. I know I am great at offering support but through the 1on1 session learned that I was not going for what is right for me.
James T
I would say it would be most useful to people starting on their freelancing journey, but it's also a good refresher for when you are "stuck" as a freelancer, felling like you want to grow but need some direction.
Julia K
Digital Nomad
I've never written so much in my life about myself. I absolutely loved the first the course and especially the first part, where I discovered so much about myself.
Roberta V

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I give you a step-by-step blueprint, a proven formula that has worked for many others. You just need to do your part and put in the work to make this real. If you are committed and take action you will be amazed at the results.

The Freelance Freedom Blueprint course is self-paced. I recommend doing a session per day and doing that well.  In general, you need at least 10-15 min to do your assignments, but depending on your experience level some topics are really worth spending more time on to reap the biggest benefits. Overachievers can of course binge watch ahead and use the material at a faster pace or in greater depth.

The purchase gives you access to the Freelancer Freedom Blueprint course for 1 year including all updates during this time. In most cases, 1 year is more than sufficient to implement the learnings.

The Freelancer Freedom Blueprint focuses on services and service-based businesses that allow you to work remotely from anymore. Physical product businesses are not included at this stage. If you have a product-based business and need coaching please go for the 1 to 1 coaching sessions instead.

We go the extra mile to help our clients to get results well beyond their initial expectations. This assumes of course that they are willing to put in the work required. And while we can't guarantee results for every single person, we always offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

"You really cannot imagine how happy you made me. I was really feeling alone because I don't have the right person to guide me on right way, but I think you are my real super hero. I really appreciate you guiding me through this. thank you soo much my super hero."
Ayaz K

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