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Learn from Laura, #1 Best Worldwide MBA Alumni,  Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Fortune 100 Strategy Consultant

Finally a way to Design a Meaningful Career

How to Discover Your Dream Career and Start Getting Paid to Do Work You Love

(even if you don’t know where to start)

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Did you know that 87% of corporate employees between 30 and 50 hate the daily grind?

In this Masterclass, I share my personal breakthroughs on doing meaningful work through a job, side hustles or a business. We cover:

  • CASE STUDY: How I went from lost and trapped in my corporate job, to energized by my mission and paid to do what I enjoy
  • The framework I used to create a purpose-driven career, to claim my freedom - financial, emotional, location-wise - and make an impact (mini-course)
  • The 5 steps to get clarity and (re)discover a path that is truly meaningful (mini-course)
  • The A to Z strategy to find financial success by starting a side hustle that expanded my career and allowed me to work on my own terms (mini-course)
Make sure you watch the video with sound on

Here’s a testimonial to get a feel of the transformation:

❤️ "My biggest breakthrough was learning that the path I started on wasn't really right for me. I know I am great at offering support, but through the 1 on 1 session I realized that I was not going in the right direction." - James T, Copywriter


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