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My Story

"When you are dreaming of a future different than the one you are living, I believe it is your mission to pursue it and do everything you can to create it." And that is exactly where I used to be - a few years ago I was trapped in my perfect life, frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy. I had everything I had every imagined I would need to be happy, but I wasn't.

Watch my self-discovery story and how I found the courage to explore and the wisdom to choose. How I emerged from my own limitations and life experiences to discover my true purpose. Following this journey I decided to create SuperHumans, a platform to help vision minded people discover their own personal purpose and create a fulfilling career. And most importantly, be that voice that helps along the way as they develop those healthy habits that can change one’s life.

If you are wondering if this is for you

just take a moment and ask yourself...


everything you knew about success was all wrong?


a great career also meant balance?

Even though the world has changed dramatically over the last hundred years, success still seems to be wired in our minds to be about how much we achieve, how quickly we achieve it and how that compares to others. But, how many times have we seen first hand that this is not true? For me, the real breakthrough came when I realized success needs to be redefined.

Create the healthy habits required to fuel your professional and personal life

My proven 4 pillar Strategy

The world is changing rapidly, but our basic human needs are not. To unlock human potential in an unpredictable environment, practices that help us both slow down and speed up—in ways that complement each other—can help shift the paradigm from stress and survival to excitement and vitality. It’s our UNCONSCIOUS choices and lack of discipline in one or more areas of our life - emotional, professional, physical and personal that create the rushed / unbalanced lives we live which may lead to unhappiness.

Learn to control your mind

and how to use its powers

Master your body

and turn your life into a force of energy

Supercharge your skills

and stay relevant in fast-paced market

Take your career to the next level

and get the recognition you deserve

"While we generally believe that our creative conscious mind is controlling our lives, neuroscience reveals that  95% of our life is controlled  by the habits programmed in the subconscious mind. Only 5% is created with conscious thought." - Bruce Lipton, PhD Developmental Biology

How I can help you

My aim is to first help you  find your purpose,  the one that drives you on a deep level and then  create life-changing habits  that holistically transform your life to live in line with it. It is all about learning and unlearning at the same time. It's about giving yourself space to grow. It's all about starting TODAY.

Invest in yourself and UNLEASH YOUR SUPERPOWERS to start living the life you want.

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What others are saying

Laura supported me in establishing my personal brand, identifying and networking with important stakeholders and enhancing my skillset to achieve my career goals. Moreover, she reinforced my efforts, guiding me on the steps to focus, even helped me prepare for interviews and always encouraged me by believing in my prospects and competences while I had to manage the failures that are always part of the journey.

Eva A.Greece

Laura, you lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. In general my worry was about choosing between being a mother or someone good at her job. You helped me realize that just because I am among the rare lucky ones who found a job I love doing, I shouldn't feel stuck in terms of my personal and family plans!


Laura knows now to line up a conversation with questions to foster creative thinking and develop your early ideas into a well-versed action plan. Highly motivational and empowering in style, she would never tell you what to do or provide a ready recipe, rather share past experiences or observations, challenge you on your own limitations and fears and help come up with a solid plan to succeed. What’s remarkable – she is always open and approachable to go back to, reassess situations together with the new inputs and keep growing further.

Olya SUnited States

The mentoring sessions helped me a lot on a professional and a personal level. Laura is charismatic in finding the appropriate way to twist your thoughts, get you thinking out of the box and applying constructive tension to get the mentee achieve the best possible outcome. I try to apply the guidelines and disciplines every day to achieve a growth mindset.

Ploutarchos R.Greece

SuperHumans. Free. Limitless. Unbound.


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Redefining success

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