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Why this eBook?

Depending entirely on a single source of income (a salary, a client etc) for your financial stability is a very risky place to be in these days. So starting to also monetize your skills through remote jobs and freelancing might just be one of the smartest decisions you've made this year.‚Äč I created this eBook to give you a starting point in your journey to generate a side income that allows you to live the life you want. I hope you will use it and reap the benefits as others have done before.


What will you get from this eBook?

A comprehensive list of websites and platforms that are always hiring so you have a constant demand of work to choose from.

Legit & Trustworthy

The websites are pre-vetted by our experts and regularly updated to ensure you get the most accurante and up-to-date places you can make money.


Guidelines on how to make the best of this book included specifically designed for people that want to act and be in the driving seat of their career and life.

Remote Work Focused

The book is intended to give you the means to work remotely, online from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world you choose to travel to.

Perfect to Create a Side Income

You can use this book in a variety of ways. Most people buy it to earn extra money on top of their job, to make money while they travel, to get a flexible work schedule that allows them to manage personal priorities. Others use it to go all in into freelancing and decide to quit their job once they have a good portfolio of clients give them a stable income.

What's inside?

A few details about the book

The ultimate resource to help you find the work and clients you seek.

99 sites you need to know and use to make money remotely
Well organized by job category
Great mix of general freelance sites and niche platforms
Quick guide on how to get the most value from it
Additional resources you can tap into
And much more...

Over 100,000 jobs

To choose from to generate the income you want.

Who is this book for?

I need to be honest with you. This eBook is for committed people that want to take action to make their financial goals real. If you are not willing to take action and use this book or if you want instant results then this book is not for you. But if you are willing to go through the sites, pick what is right for you and apply by showing what value you can bring to your clients you will see amazing results. As with anything in life you need to stick to it and put in the work before you see results.


I have included a lot of sites that any general purpose freelancer can use to find work and create a client portfolio.


I have multiple sites for Tutors that teach a certain topic such as math, a foreign language, music etc


I have added platforms where people that are good at writing can find copywriting work or content writing work or social media work.


There is a lot of demand for designers nowadays so this was a category that I could not have missed.

Video Editors

There are multiple platform choices for Video Editors to pick and find clients.

Virtual Assistants

There are also many sites dedicated to virtual assistants that allow them to choose from a wide number of job types.


I have also included many websites and platforms dedicated to developers. These offer jobs for a variety of technologies and experience levels.

The Author


Laura is a business strategist, with an MBA from INSEAD Business School. She has been a career mentor for the past 12 years and has been able to guide her mentees to reach their dreams.

She has worked both for Fortune 100 Companies and as a freelancer. In the last 2 years, she decided to merge her career coaching expertise and business knowledge and began working with individuals who were looking at freelancing and business as a way to work on their terms, find meaning, and have financial freedom.






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99 Validated Remote Job Sites

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